Starcraft II

Down below you can find our current Starcraft II Lineup

Stefan S.


„Coming back and grinding Starcraft II always feels like coming home to some extend. It is always a blast to play.“

Starcraft II Roster

Main Team


Having played RTS games since 15+ years, AeroGG quickly managed to climb up and reach the top of Europe’s Starcraft II players. Having played on various tournaments, makes him to one of the most experienced players of the Team, when it comes to deal with offline tournament pressure.

AeroGG - Michael B.

sTARCRAFT ii Player - terran

Stefan “SPJ” Spasojevic is a long time Counter-Strike Veteran. Same as his brother Penchy he is very versatile in terms of movement, aiming and gamesense. Although he is not active at the moment, he is there when his team needs him.

SPJ - Stefan S.

Starcraft ii Player - zerg


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