– Rocket League –

Cedric „SideWinder414“ Z. is the RNG Champ, IGL and only Keyboard-Mouse Player in our lineup. He always suprises the enemy (and teammates) with fakes and plays very aggressive with demos and bumps which fits perfect in our team composition.

SideWinder414 - Cedric Z.



Mario „Kimochi“ N. is an experienced „couch potato“ who has mastered the art of faking. In fact he’s so good at faking, he even fakes his teammates. Jokes aside, he can quickly read passes and convert those into neat goals. In case there is no such opportunity at hand, he has the ability to go full messi and outplay his opponents.

Kimochi - Mario N.


Pascal „infam0usCrow“ S. is the mechanical gifted part of this team. He loves to go for some crazy doubletaps, ceilingshots or flipresets even if he‘s not always hitting them. But also passing is one of his strengths. With these abilities he is always good for a surprise and fits perfect into this team composition. In season 11 he reached the GrandChamp Reward in 2v2 for the first time.

infam0usCrow - Pascal S.