Hey there! Down below you can find our Staff!

Daniel B.


„Men have the greatest ideas when sitting together in a Heurigen!“



Michael „AeroGG“ Boldt is the founder of Team Eviscerate. In addition to his ingame roles such as playing for the Starcraft 2 roster and playing as stand-in for various CS:GO rosters he is the contact person for marketing, financial and development inquiries.

AeroGG - Michael Boldt

Founder, marketing and financial management

Filip „Penchy“ Spasojevic is the co-founder of Team Eviscerate. While being the captain of the CS:GO Main Team he is also responsible for the organization of the other competitive lineups of the team and their lives in various leagues. Being connected very well into the german gaming scene makes him the perfect person for acquiring new competitive players.

Penchy - Filip Spasojevic

CO-founder, team management - CS:GO

penchy amk square

Diana „Bubbles“ Komljenovic is your contact to go when you don’t know where to go. Whether you want to join the Team, or you need some stuff done in Adobe After Effects of Adobe Photoshop, she is the way to go. She is also the perfect contact when you have some problems either in real life or within the team. She will always have an open ear for you!

Bubbles - Diana Komljenovic

Community & social media management

Maurizio „Blubby“ Vella is our communication point between the management, our Rocket League Teams and Users! He has always an open ear for everyone and keeps a cool head in every situation! He is not only managing the Rocket League Teams, he is also the Captain of our Rocket League Clover Team.

Blubby - Maurizio Vella

Team Management - Rocket League


Daniel „aceus1“ Bauer is the Tech Admin for Team Eviscerate. He is responsible to care of the 5120 little Eviscerate – hamsters who are running in their little wheels in order to produce enough energy for the website and the teamspeak to run properly!

aceus1 - Daniel Bauer

Technical management


hizir - Michael S.