– CS:GO –

Jonathan „nevl“ B. is the young gun in the team. He leads the team outside of the game and somtimes when things dont work also ingame. His Nade knowledge is pretty good and also important for his team. When he isnt fragging, he knows that he can rely on his team mates.

nevl - Jonathan B.

Captain | AWP


Luca „DunKz“ S. is not only the newst player in the team, he is also leading it as an IGL. If it comes to the strats he is almost torturing the players for hours until everything fits perfect. But he has not only gamesens which his role as an IGL requires, he has also good aim. That enables him to not only give the calls ingame, but also to outaim the enemy if its needed and go as an entry fragger. All in all he is a perfect match for this young team.

DunKz - Luca S.


Jonas „McDangerJR“ W. is an allround player you dont want to face. He is not only very capable with the AK and M4 but also with the AWP. If you feel safe, he will hunt your head with the Deagle.

McDangerJR - Jonas W.



Jan „Janschik“ S. is a fearless but still strong rifler, often acting as the entry fragger. But he can do more than just running into the side, he stays calm when it comes to clutching the round and anchoring the bombsite.

Janschik - Jan S.


Jan „JnF“ F. is a rock solid player. He always has a cool head, which enables him to read the game amazingly. On top of that you can always count on him, especially in clutch sitautions.

JnF - Jan F.