– CS:GO –

Filip “Penchy” Sp. is not a quitter, he is still here and still performing for eviscerate. With a new chapter and role for his CS career, Penchy is giving a try as a dangerous and unexpected AWP. Never forget his capability with the rifle and his know-how on every map.

Penchy - Filip S.

Team-Captain | Awp


Henry „HeNry“ M fits perfectly as the new and talented IGL in the roster. Beside of leading the team, HeNry is the main supporter and lurker at the same time. A valuable player like him, fits rarely in the scheme. He is always focused and hungry to gain more knowledge.

HeNry - Henry M.


Robin „RobSon“ G. is the oldie and the most experienced player in the lineup, he always suprises the people with his insane clutches and all-around knowledge about the game. RobSon is always motivated and lit for more and mostly for headshots and wins.

RobSon - Robin G.



Elhan „Trockner“ M. is the youngest and most active player known in Eviscerate, he had a bad experience with his last team, but now he is bloodthirsty and lustfully for headshots like never before. Trockner is the last man who stands and is always ready for clutches.

Trockner - Elhan M.


Stiven „bleSSSED“ F. is known as the „Pugger“, always ready for Faceit and GCS. After a long break Stiven tries to get his aim and movement back or is he already better with the new meta? You will never know it until you face him on the server, beware of him, he is unreadable.