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Jakob D.


„There are many ways to become a good player, but only one to become a very good one, which is teamplay.“

Team Eviscerate Community

T. „Furious1002“ W. is also one of our players, who has specialized one particular weapon – the Krieg. With his fast scoping he is tapping opponents away very quick. This characteristics makes him to a useful player in our team.

Furious1002 - T. W.

CS:GO Player


Niko “ObeyWan” S. is known for his excessive lurking. Although this costs his team rounds from time to time, he at least wins them double the rounds due to his decisionmaking. Starting his E-Sports career in ESL with Call of Duty Black Ops he is definitely one of the more experienced players in the Community

ObeyWan - Niko S.

CS:GO Player

Felix “JK3R” M. is known for being a very ambitious player. Sometimes even too ambitions. He is expecting very much of his mates and himself which has brought him very far. In addition to this, his strength is definitely his aiming abilities.

JK3R - Felix M.

CS:GO Player


Sebastian „SturmS“ S. is also part of our Salzburg-Crew and joined our Team with yungmoo and StOLY. He has been playing CS:GO since 2016 and prefers to shoot at enemies´ feet, because they don´t wear Kevlar there. Sturm is a calm player and well known for his Nade-Skills and for having more pins in CS:GO than skins.

SturmS- Sebastian S.

CS:GO Player

Oliver „St0LY“ S. is an Austrian player and part of our Salzburg-Crew. He started playing CS:GO in late 2017 after some dominating years in Minecraft. One of his special abilities is to read the decisions from enemies to get easy kills.

StOLY - Oliver S.

CS:GO Player


Florian „fl0w“ W. belongs to our Salzburg-Crew. Known for being the most annoying guy on Teamspeak with his soundbourd makes hin extremely loveable. Also his puns and jokes are top notch which makes him a member of the team who you always want to play with <3.

fl0w - Florian W.

CS:GO Player

Strahinja “Strøhinja” R. has mastered the art of playing the Galil AR. Being known for preferring the Galil AR over the AK-47, Strøhinja has obtained himself the nickname: “Strøhinja machina”, which is a reference to him being a machine with this specific gun.

Strøhinja - Strahinja R.

CS:GO Player


Simon “Qu1kSimix” D. is a very emotional player who is capable of ripping apart backlines due to his excessive lurking abilities. Although his very emotional and loud playstyle can lift his team to new hights it can also sometimes also push it down to dust.

Qu1kSimix - Simon D.

CS:GO Player

Alice “Alice” J. is known for her extremely tactical approach to the game. Being able to read her opponents and punishing their moves not only with her brain but also with her excellent aim, makes her super valueable.

Alice - Alice J.

CS:GO Player


Philip “Mangomati” F. is a very versatile player who is able to open bombspots due to his unpredictable movement. Having his strengths in solo plays makes him as useful as useless 😛 Other than that he is very capable with the AK-47.

Mangomati - Philip F.

CS:GO Player

Hannes “Animalus” T. is one of the few Germans in the Team. Therefore he should not be known for his humor right? – Wrong! We do barely not know anyone on planet Earth being that happy and humorous which makes him an excellent addition due to increasing the Team’s moral.

Animalus - Hannes T.

CS:GO Player


Roman “BEDASÜÜ” G. is the senior of the Team. Being born in the year 1990 his skills are specifically important when it comes to uncommon situations where his quiet and calm playstyle is shining the most.

BEDASÜÜ - Roman G.

CS:GO Player

Sigurd Maria „RushTheCore“ W. is the highest seeded player in Heroes of the Storm within the team. Having mastered the art of playing damage dealers in this particular MOBA will make him to the future captain of the upcoming „HOTS“ Lineup.

RushTheCore - Sigurd Maria W.

Heroes of the storm Player


Elvin “crev004” H. is one of our youngest members is one of our youngest members, he is currently our only console player, but he is also playing games on his computer. He impresses many with his skill at his controller and his witty nature. Although he is still so young, he accompanies us at Lan-Events

crev004 - Elvin H.

Fortnite & MW

Anrion - Sandro R.

LoL Player


Emre „RaingZ“ M. is known for taking 3-4 months breaks from CS: GO to grind Rainbox Six Siege and then coming back motivated to CS: GO. He is one of our loudest players on our TeamSpeak, but fun is always guaranteed with him.

RaingZ - Emre M.

CS:GO Player & Rainbow Six Siege

Morris „Oogster“ W. had his entry to the e-sports scene with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. While having played most of his teenage years on Playstation he eventually got into pc gaming. He quickly established himself as an open minded player, who likes to take different approaches to difficult situations, which makes him extremely unpredictable.

Oogster - Morris W.

Fortnite Player


Malte “Salzberg” M. is our greediest player, if he smells enemies he is already behind them and is trying to take the whole squad down by his own. Most of the times he is dying and rage quitting. But we love him anyways.

Salzberg - Malte M.

Player & CS:GO Player

Prida - Jordan G.

CS:GO Player


ploxxi - Simon K.

CS:GO Player

Vanessa „Nessiiii“ H. and Bubbles are the only girls in our Clan. Bubbles and Nessiiii had been friends for 4 years now and have been designing together for 2 years now, with long brakes! She is helping out in our Design-Area and is one of our cutest members!

Nessiiii - Vanessa H.



Tim „Mayuri“ G. is with Blubby and Kaito one of our youngest players in our community and the perfect person to get new sounds for your soundboard. He is a weirdo, but all in all a nice guy to be with. 

Mayuri - Tim G.


Elmin „Kaito“ H. is a little version of his brothers Eldin and Elvin. Just don´t try to roast him, because he is gonna roast your whole life and family in just one sentence, which is a thing nobody would expect when you are talking to him. Although roasting people is his passion, he is also playing Rocket League very passionated and plays very well in his team.

Kaito - Elmin H.



Maurizio „Blubby“ V is the mechanic part of our Academy Team. He is trying to play out his opponents by playing with the game speed and doubletaps as well as dribbles across the map. Although he is also one of our youngest players, he has the potential to get one of our best players, when he is older.

Blubby - Maurizio V.


Varoxe - Patrik W.



Seeker - Marko R.


Tango - Jakob D.



Lachii - Karl L.