since 2018


Team Eviscerate was created by a European Community with the intention to form a Team that not only tries to achieve titles in regional tournaments, but also in various international tournaments.

Play on Tournaments

Get the opportunity to play on regional and international tournaments within Europe. Train, get better and become the next upcoming esports talent.

Join our Community

Join our diverse community, enrich our team with your skills and experience unforgettable moments with us. By the way, we are awesome, I mean, look at the guy to the right.

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Have Fun

Join us on funny evenings on our teamspeaks server and whitness the awsomeness of each of our members. Play, joke and have nights that will never be forgotten.

Some of our supporters


"It is always a blast to attend the same event as the Team Eviscerate guys. Playing with them is always a pleasure since they have the same goals, as my team: Austrian Squadron"

Teacher - Max A.
"I love the competitiveness and ambition that Team Eviscerate has. I have played very often against their players and I respect their will to win!"

HateMe - Moritz P.
"I do know Team Eviscerate since the moment the were founded, because I have played in a team together with their founder. I can say that this team is very ambitious towards their goals, and I am happy to have competitive opponents!"
Cube - Wolfgang S.

Team eviscerate needs you!